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Thing Hand Cupcake Toppers (Multiple Pack Sizes), 3D Printed

Thing Hand Cupcake Toppers (Multiple Pack Sizes), 3D Printed

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Take your cupcakes to the next level with these spooky and popular Thing hand cupcake toppers, inspired by the hit show "Wednesday" based on "The Addams Family" film, books, and TV show. This pack of 6 cupcake toppers is perfect for any Wednesday-inspired party or just to add a touch of creepy to your cupcakes. Each cupcake topper doubles as a toy once the cupcakes have been eaten. The amazing smooth quality of thes Thing Hand Cupcake Toppers is sure to impress. Also available as a cake topper and in home decor on our website. There's also an option to increase the quantity in your pack anywhere from 6 to 30.


  1. Choose a pack of up to 30 cupcake toppers
  2. Doubles as a toy once cupcakes have been eaten
  3. Spooky and popular 3D printed Thing Hand cupcake toppers
  4. Inspired by the hit show "Wednesday" based on "The Addams Family"
  5. Pack of 6 cupcake toppers measuring 1.2x1.1x1.3 inches
  6. Amazing smooth quality 3D print
  7. Perfect for any Wednesday-inspired party or creepy cupcake decor
  8. THING hand also available as cake topper as well as full size home decor, with option as a keychain/charm, on our website

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Notes: Some colors may appear slightly different in person compared to the picture due to lighting and camera settings, but we do our best to get accurate color representations in all pictures. All sizes listed are approximate and may vary ever so slightly. FDM 3D printing technology prints in layers so you will see some layer lines as seen in the pictures. Items are printed using PLA filament.

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