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ROCK-topus Articulated Desk Toy | 3D Printed | Hilarious Design | Movable Arms

ROCK-topus Articulated Desk Toy | 3D Printed | Hilarious Design | Movable Arms

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Bring some fun and laughter to your desk with this ROCK-topus Articulated Desk Toy. This 3D printed desk toy features a hilarious design, making it an eye-catching and amusing addition to any workspace. The octopus-like creature is rocking out with an electric guitar, and with its eight movable arms, it can strike a variety of poses, keeping your desk interesting and entertaining. It's a great conversation starter and an excellent way to add some personality to your office or home workspace.

The ROCK-topus Articulated Desk Toy is a versatile gift option for friends, family, or coworkers who have a quirky sense of humor or enjoy unique, one-of-a-kind items. Ideal for her, him, or them, this amusing desk toy is sure to brighten anyone's day and inject some humor into their daily routine.

Measuring approximately 2" tall by 4.5" at its widest point, the ROCK-topus Articulated Desk Toy is the perfect size for any desk, shelf, or windowsill. It is made from high-quality PLA filament, ensuring that the toy is both durable and lightweight. Choose from a variety of color options to match your personal taste or the recipient's preferences. If you'd like to see a color we don't currently have listed, let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Color Notes:

  1. Colors shown in photos: Head is "Beige" (latte/light brown), Arms are Green
  2. Colors may appear slightly different in pictures, depending on lighting, than they are in person, but every effort was made to adjust picture color to match as closely as possible to real color.
  3. Matte finish unless otherwise noted

Please note that some colors may appear slightly different in person compared to the picture due to lighting and camera settings, but we do our best to get accurate color representations in all pictures. All sizes listed are approximate and may vary ever so slightly. FDM 3D printing technology prints in layers, so you will see some layer lines as seen in the pictures. Items are printed using PLA filament.

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